Archaeologist's and Mason's Trowel - Whiskey Glass

$ 20.00

The primary tool of the men behind The Man, as well as the good people that dig up, study and classify the ancient artifacts left by all mankind. This is the Archaeologist's and Mason's Trowel whiskey glass.

I always wanted to be an archaeologist -- we even named our daughter after Indiana Jones. Someday an archaeologist may discover and analyze the mound containing all of the rejects, first drafts and unsold glassware made by Blackbird Pye. But I'm not saying anything else about the Masons. I've probably said too much already.

We are offering our handmade, sandblasted, etched Trowel whiskey glass in two varieties: Pointing Down (pictured), and Pointing Up. It is one of the first in our expanding series of tools.