From our studio near Redondo Beach, California, Chuck and Erin Price Baldwin create artwork and designs to be used in the home and applied to quirky gifts and gizmos. Our sandblasted etched glassware, and art and home decor are handcrafted and inspired by nature, folklore, urban legends, and curious themes and memes.

Our glass works usually begin as a sketch on paper. The final drawings are brought into a computer to be optimized for cutting into vinyl masks. These masks are applied to the glassware or gizmo of choice, and sandblasted into the surface. Sandblasting is the most durable and beautiful method of etching glass, with deep cuts and crisp edges that you can see and feel. We use the finest of grits for the most luxurious touch. They will not rub off, smear, or deteriorate over time. If you don't break the glassware, our etchings will last forever.