Sandblast your own design, or one of ours, onto a pint glass at our studio

We will show you the process from start to finish and you will leave with a pint glass designed and sandblasted by you!

Bring your own crisp black and white design on paper to scan into the computer, or bring it digitally. The higher the resolution, the better -- and the simpler the design, the better, for beginners -- and we do not recommend text. Or choose one of our designs.

This is a party! So we provide plenty of snacks, but it is BYOB due to liquor laws. Dinner can be arranged as well.The bigger the party, the longer the longer the party!

We will show you how the design gets processed and sent to the vinyl cutter, which cuts your design into a vinyl mask.

You will adhere your mask onto a pint glass and “weed” out the parts that will be etched by the sandblaster. You will tape off the rest of the glass and head to the sandblasting studio.

We will demonstrate how to etch the pint glass with the sandblaster, then let you sandblast your own glass!

After that you’ll wash your glass, admire its awesomeness, and fill it up with your favorite frothy beverage!

Parties require a minimum of 4 people. We provide a single pick-up and drop-off for the group, at either the Van Dorn Street or Huntington Metro Stations, for groups of 4 to 6 people that arrive together. Of course you may drive yourself.

Introductory pricing is $75 per person ($50 if you use one of our pre-made designs), which includes: everything to etch one pint glass; snacks; non-alcoholic beverages; and pick-up and drop-off from Van Dorn or Huntington Metro Stations. Dinner can be arranged for an additional cost. There are a number or restaurants nearby that deliver. If there is time an additional pint glass can be sandblasted with the same design for an extra $18 each.