Blackbird Pye is an art and design studio focused on home goods and decor, quirky gizmos, urban legends, and curious themes and memes. Our products tend toward the unnecessarily useful, with a variety of necessarily un-useful items as well. Some though, serve a particular purpose.

We have a number of prototypes in various stages of development, and are willing to discuss custom projects. Let your needs demand the implementation of one of our contraptions.

Our studio has moved to the vicinity of Redondo Beach, California. Still situated next to the hills, sprites continue to light up the canopy of summer nights, and faerie houses have been spotted in the swamps at twilight.

This studio has been a dream for a number of years but is now real, after a fair bit of hard work. We are a family-operated, woman-owned shop, harnessing over 30 years of collective experience in user experience, visual and service design; photography; industrial arts; and environmental protection. Chuck and Erin Price Baldwin make Blackbird Pye.


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